Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Toddler Bed

This is my daughter's new toddler bed made out of an old table!  Very simple and easy to make.  Here is what you need:

~ A regular sized four chair table with nice legs (must be big enough to fit a crib sized mattress)
~ Furniture feet from The Home Depot or hardware type store
~ Sander or sandpaper
~ Electric Drill
~ Screwdriver
~ Paint

Now, before you get started you must know that I could not find a cheap table with nice legs.  I ended up purchasing a used table for $10 with not so nice legs.  I kept a look out for a cheap bed frame with nice posts.  I was finally able to find one at the DI for $20, which is much cheaper than buying nice looking legs at The Home Depot for $100+.  We took off the table legs, which was a simple matter of taking some screws out.  We cut off the bed frame posts and attached them to the table, as if they were legs!  Hence the reason that two of the table "legs" are shorter than the other two in the pic.

1.  Sand down the table and the legs.  You do this so the paint will adhere better to the wood.

2.  Attach the feet.  Use the electric drill to make the holes for the screws.  Screw in the feet.  They should come with screws for easy attachment, but if not you may have to buy some screws to drill in and attach.  Please note that 'Hard As Nails' Liquid glue does NOT work for this.

3.  Paint!  Make sure to get all the nooks and crannies!  You may want to do more than one coat of paint.  We did two.  Leave to dry.

4.  Set up in your kid's room, put in the mattress, and enjoy!

All in all this cute little toddler bed cost us around $40 total!  What a steal and a great project to work on as a couple or as a family!