Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Old Dresser = Entertainment Center!!!

Want to make something that adds that spark of color to your living room?  Find yourself an old "ugly" dresser!  It doesn't have to be one exactly like the one I found.  Just make sure it fits the space where you want to put it and get down to business with your imagination and tools.
1.  Find a dresser made of solid WOOD.  No particle board, tile, plastic, or other random stuff.  The one I found was only $60 and is WAY heavy.
2.  Decide on which drawers (if any) you are going to pull out and keep out for your DVD player and game consoles.
3.  Find some cute knobs or drawer pulls, if the ones on your old dresser are not your style.  I found mine at Hobby Lobby.  If you go to Hobby Lobby, make sure to wait until they are all on their 50% sale. 
4.  Pull out all the drawers, take out the runners where the drawers will no longer be, and take off the drawer pulls/knobs.  If your new pulls/knobs don't match up with the holes from the old pulls/knobs, use wood filler and fill in the old holes.  Make sure to scrape off the access with a putty knife! 
5.  After the wood filler is dry, sand down everything.  Make sure to be careful around the carved out details!  You don't want to break anything off or have the details/corners too flat or rounded. 
6.  Pick your paint!  This is the fun part.  You can do any color that you want!  I was going to go with a yellow or a mint color, but then found this teal and just could not pass it up.  We used an air compressor with an attachable spray paint gun, but you can use a paint brush if you do not have an air compressor.  They both work the same.  And as you can see, we chose to stain the top instead of painting it, but you can do whatever you wish.
*Wait for it to dry and then do a second coat of paint*
7.  Let the paint dry for a day.  Now it is time to "paint on" the sealant.  You can use either paste wax or a Polyacrylic sealer.  Either one will work just fine.  We painted on the sealant, let it dry for a day, and then applied a second coat.  We let it sit and "dry" in our garage for about a week and then brought it into the house.
Wala!  It is finished!  Add the TV and the other gadgets and you have yourself a super cute entertainment center.