Friday, December 9, 2011

Whimsy Jars

These cute Whimsy Jars were an inspiration from a coworker of mine! Fill the jars with seasonal items to celebrate the holiday to come.
Items Needed:
Three Candlestick Holders (all the same size)
Black Spray Paint
Three Jars of different sizes with lids
Wood knobs
Hot Glue Gun w/Glue
1) Spray paint the candlestick holders, jar lids, and wood knobs. You'll want to do this in an area with good ventilation (outside or in the garage if possible) and put newspaper or cardboard underneath to avoid a big mess. Make sure to to get around all the edges. This may take a few coats of paint and drying time in between each coat. Wait until paint is completely dry.
2) With the hot glue gun, glue candlestick holders onto bottom of jars. Hold stable until glue is firm.
3) Again, with the hot glue gun, glue wood knobs to top of jar lids. Hold stable until glue is firm.
4) Fill your Whimsy Jars with fun seasonal objects, tie bows on top, and smile cuz it is beautiful!

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